Information for partnersOur company has long recommended itself as a reliable partner with whom you can successfully run a business together. We have many years of experience in the furniture industry and on the TV brackets market. Our products are popular and in high demand. Through these, our company is very perspective in terms of establishing and developing partnerships.We offer two patterns of cooperation, each of which will allow you to increase your incomes by using the products of our company. Depending on your wishes and opportunities, you can use any of them.1.Classical reselling program. Its principles are very simple: "We give you a discount on the whole range of our products - you can sell them as under your brand as well as under our". We are not contacting with your customers in any way, only when technical support is necessary. Discounts in the reselling program up to 30%. 2.Affiliate program. Its principles also very simple: "We will sign an agreement about joint cooperation, and you become an exclusive distributor of our products in your region."